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Strip Edge Trimming Lines

hpl Group designs and manufactures complete systems for various application fields in the machining of strip edges. Our systems handle ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as special materials with metallic or coated surfaces. Our customers include saw blade manufacturers and the knife industry. 

Edge trimming or edge machining lines are used to machine both edges of a strip while it is running. Machining is typically performed by indexable cutting tools. In order to hold the strip in place, guiding rulers are installed at the top and bottom side of the strip.

Our state-of-the-art CNC edge trimming lines for steel strips are manufactured in the hpl mono-sledge design. This design eliminates the offset between the tool sets providing superior machining accuracy. Our design, together with a vibration optimized base frame, allows higher processing speeds and ensures chatter mark free surfaces. The mono-sledge is CNC driven, i.e. the tools are positioned automatically upon the operator`s request. A closed loop strip width control is naturally included.

For all our products we offer a proactive after-sales service across the entire lifetime which also includes the supply of required spare parts. Due to its high degree of vertical integration of manufacturing, hpl-Group is able to guarantee a fast and uncomplicated spare parts supply of key parts and components even decades after a line has been commissioned.

Visit also our new microsite to get detailed information about our strip edge trimming lines: