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Rolling Mill Technology

In the rolling mill technology product range, hpl Group designs and manufactures both new rolling mill and retrofitting technology for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


We deliver turnkey solutions ranging from 2-hi up to 20-roller cold rolling mills and even hot rolling mills for magnesium. All our products are both highly efficient and high in quality.

We supply:

  • 2 hi off line and in line temper and skin pass mills
  • 4 hi reduction mills for stainless steel and copper alloys
  • Retrofits of any kind of rolling mill including 6 hi mills, 12 and 20 rollers
  • Research mills, e.g. for rolling magnesium alloys
  • Specialty mills such as cladding mills and skin pass mills 

Our product range covers rolling mills from 150 mm to 800 mm strip width at a strip thickness from 0.02 to 8 mm.

Our first step when consulting with customers is to establish the right type of mill for the job:

This work includes: 

  • Calculating of the correct size of the work roll and thus of the type of mill needed
  • Determining the rolling forces and the rolling schedules for the required rolling task
  • Developing rolling mill concepts for optimal production and minimal off-gauge and scrap strip
  • Calculating the drive power needed with a strong focus on low energy consumption
  • Determining the best concepts for reducing life cycle and production costs


hpl Group extends the lifetime and increases the productivity of existing lines – independent of the line manufacturer. Based on the existing rolling mill technology and site conditions, we deliver optimal solutions to our customers. Our scope of supply includes the potential analysis, planning, design, manufacture and assembly of the components and systems to be modernized.

Our scope of supply for increasing line productivity includes: 

  • Retrofitting, from mechanical to hydraulic roll gap adjustment 
  • Retrofitting actuators, such as bending and selective cooling mechanisms 
  • Installing bending mechanisms for work rolls 
  • Automatic control systems 
  • Implementing highly efficient changing devices for work rolls 
  • Increasing drive power 

For the retrofitting of existing lines, we guarantee our customers minimal machine downtime due to optimal use of the existing infrastructure.