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Productivity Solutions for the Metal Industry

hpl-Neugnadenfelder Maschinenfabrik





"I need this third axis" - this key statement from our customer succinctly describes the feature that distinguishes our new product development in the field of hpl “custom-made machinery”. For the transport of up to 60 m long and over 15 tons heavy wind turbine rotor blades over a winding mountain pass with gradients up to 32% by passing below up to 150 overhead lines, a third axis was indispensable. An off-the-shelf solution was therefore excluded right from the beginning and we began to...

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The functional principle of a strip processing lines is similar to that of a cassette recorder, in which a tape is unwound from the supply reel, drawn precisely across the tape head, to be finally rewound on the take-up reel. However, even if the actual music is generated on the tape head and thus provides the desired listening pleasure, the surrounding tape peripherals are also of essential importance and a prerequisite for producing the correct tones with the cassette recorder. This is...

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At the end of 2020, the hpl-Group as specialist for strip processing and machining systems is under new management: Bernd Voshaar has passed on the responsibility for the company's management to Rüdiger Schury.

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At this unprecedented time, we would like to inform you about our measures taken to interrupt chains of infection and slow down the corona virus spread and to remain available for you and your concerns.

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