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Health & safety presentation about skin protection

From wearing suitable protection gloves up to the correct way of putting lotion on the skin – employees of the hpl-Group were fully informed about effective skin protection at work.

News Aktionstag Hautschutz

Work-related skin diseases, particularly dermatitis, pose a high health risk to employees working in the metal or woodworking industry. According to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, skin diseases are the second most prevalent occupational disease in Europe. They represent more than 7% of recognised occupational diseases and are a substantial risk to employees whose skin is exposed to chemical, physical and biological risk factors. This has been reason enough for the hpl-Group to organise a comprehensive presentation dealing with skin protection solutions. The employees shall become fully aware of the health risks and be informed about appropriate preventive measures.   

In cooperation with interested employees of hpl, the invited consultants from company A. Brickwedde and Deb-STOKO Europe GmbH found out which skin protection product wasthe most suitable for the respective application.